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      Derek/Casey.     Accidentally In Love.

how much longer will it take to cure this?

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Derek/Casey Shippers
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Welcome to derek_casey, one of many communities on LJ dedicated to the ship Derek Venturi/Casey McDonald from the Disney/Family television show Life with Derek.


01. Stay on topic! If what you have to say isn't Derek/Casey or LWD related, it doesn't belong here.

02. When posting graphics, only a max of three teasers is permitted. Please put anything that could stretch the layout under a cut (large pictures, headers, etc.)

03. Please mark your fic with proper ratings and warnings (if applicable).

04. Please put all spoilers for future episodes under a cut.

05. Promotion of other LJ communities and/or websites is allowed, as long as your site/community is related to LWD or Disney in some shape or form (actor websites are welcome, too).

06. PLEASE be respectful of your fellow members.

Layout » All graphics used in the community layout were created by spread_the_fun.

Design » The original LJ codes are by calixa @ biconic.

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