The Queencest Queen (queencestqueen) wrote in derek_casey,
The Queencest Queen

Incest Island RP


Welcome to Incest Island, though that isn’t the legal name of the land mass, its residents, who actually know why they are here, call it that because everyone who lives there is in an incestuous relationship. It’s the only getaway in existence where the most unorthodox couples can escape the criticizing eye of the rest of the world! Every couple in this taboo category you’ve ever shipped, now lives on this secluded island.

Located a few miles off the southern-most tip of Italy, this island is a well-guarded secret and only those who are in most dire need of it are told of its existence. The selected individuals receive a letter from the mysterious proprietors of the island, telling them where to go. They are not told why they were selected. How, when, or if they go to the island at all is completely up to them.

{{A multi-fandom crossover roleplay game that supports fictional incest ships. This roleeplay does not condone or encourage incest in real world situations, it is purely for entertainment purposes only.}}

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Every character is open except for Thea Queen & Sam Winchester!

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